The 40 serving tubs come in more flavours that you could consume in a year! With over 50 flavours available on the market right now, you’re never going to be spoilt for choice.

We’re a massive fan of what GFuel have accomplished and offer nearly all flavours soon after they drop, with 57 flavours on the site (as of writing). Some flavours drop as limited editions and once they’re gone, you might be waiting some time for them to drop again.

So you’re probably wondering…why GFuel. Beyond the plethora of flavours, they’re a 140mg caffeine rich drink with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & much more. That’s not all, there’s no sugar, 15 calories and 40 servings.


The drink comes in more flavours that we could list without pause, but here’s some of the flavours the fans love the most!


We’re not going to tell you it’s the best, as personal preferences will always be different per person. We’ve also seen that different countries have different expectations from what they consume. However, we can tell you, with the flavour profiles they have, their mix of ingredients and the price point - this is a drink you’re going to want to try!

At less than £35 per tub (on average), you’re going to be paying less than £1 per scoop. That’s cheaper than most other brands and easily accessible brands from other stores.