GFuel used to make a caffeine free version of their Energy Tubs (way back when) but it was super limited in variations and didn’t really pack the electrolyte punch the current format does!

So let’s skip to the good bit, the creation of the hydration mix - as we know it today. With many more flavours to enjoy and more coming yearly, we’ve now got the perfect blend of electrolytes, flavours, convenient size and price. We’re the lowest price for the hydration mix this side of the pond, rendering each serving at just £1 per scoop.

No longer do you need to concern yourself with the epic nature of caffeine and the buzz it creates. Grab yourself a scoop of the good stuff, shake and enjoy the powerful taste of GFuel Hydration. It’s personally one of our favourite things, as sometimes, we just need to put that caffeine down!


The drink comes in more flavours that we could list without pause, but here’s some of the flavours the fans love the most!


It’s a big hitter. It has some incredible upsides, with few downsides. We’ve loved nearly every flavour that has come from this product line and it continues to be a fan favourite.
We’re looking to the future for new flavour combination, modifications to the formula and anything else they guys at the top have up their sleeves.