Nectar offers 3 flavours currently, so is much smaller in the market. However, the price is only £30 per tub (at full price), so you’re looking at just £0.75 per serving, that’s a steal when comparing it to the competition. We often have a better price than RRP too, so it’s a bargain…in our eyes.

Each tub comes in a 40 serving version and they also sell sachets, which are single servings. Each serving contains no more than 100% of your recommended NRV and has been designed to help you become more balanced as you tackle each of your day's activities.

Each drink will contain 100mg of natural green caffeine, natural colours, natural flavours and around 5 calories!


There’s not enough flavours to say what the fan favourites are. We can put them in order of best selling though!

Our top tip! Mix with around 500ml, the flavour is slightly muted vs 300ml, but the balance is exceptional!


It’s a healthier take on energy drinks. It has a nice balanced flavour profile - less powerful than the GFuel and Sneaks of this world, but something you can enjoy over time. The mixture leaves no powdery taste but if left overnight - will settle, the ingredients bind to make it super smooth, but does therefore settle.

We think this is one to add to any order, especially with a bonus code provided below…shhh. Not everyone is going to find this source of information.