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BRAND : Nectar

Nectar | Whiteout Shaker Bottle

Nectar | Whiteout Shaker Bottle

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Hand Wash

Single Design

Stainless Steel

Our second colourway on the ever popular shaker. Carefully constructed in industry leading stainless steel!

Ideal for those wanting to get that boost when pushing their next PB!

Main Facts

• Contains 1 Shaker with a removable powder mixer and screwable shaker spout.

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We believe that energy has it's place in the daily grind. But we believe there's a balance that's got to be struck.

With natural forms of caffeine and energy in the things you eat everyday. We've worked for the last few years to provide top tier Nootropic, Hydration and Endurance properties in our vitamin and mineral balanced products.


With just a few flavours to go at, these definitely have some unique flavours and balanced mineral compositions to compete with the best.


Since 2015, Nectar have been looking at their place in the world. A business founded by gamers looking for something cleaner, healthier, transparently brilliant and cost effective. Whilst there's not a huge amount of flavours (yet), we know they're just getting started.

This upcoming lifestyle brand really is looking to set the world alight...oh and did we mention, it's UK born with all manufacturing conducted on home soil.


A clean dose of100mg natural caffeine comes from Guarana Seed Extract. With clinical studies showing this as a great source of caffeine, with a more sustained cognitive boost, this might be the thing you're looking for.

Oh and with 0 Sugar, 0 artificial colours and flavourings and a paper based sachet, it's also good for the environment. Did we miss something...just that they're also climate conscious, with all sales from their site clean and emissions free.


A starter kit contains 9 sachets and either shaker or shaker bottle from our collection. What's better than that!